Bright Velo Events originated from the passion of cycling and the desire to organise a truly memorable event.

We know that a memorable event is all in the fine detail and pride ourselves on being the cultivators of your inspiration.


Planning an event can be massively overwhelming. Whether it’s your first or your thirty first there are so many plans, approvals, accommodation, meals and red tape to organize. The list goes on and on.  Then there’s the burden of safety.


How do you ensure everyone gets home, not just having a fantastic time, but also in one piece?

Bright Velo Events are the experts in creating the complete package.  We are a start to finish specific cycling event planner. Whether it’s a 4-day ride with mates, or a 10-day corporate fundraiser, we can do it all.

We consult one on one and go through a step by step process with you and the group you represent to identify your requirements, ideas and inspiration. Once we’ve identified your target market the event starts to come alive.

We rely on good communication to ensure smooth, efficient running of your event. Through our history and corporate research, we have discovered the best way to do this is with a personalized event website which we will create from scratch for you.  This caters to all your riders needs; accommodation allocation, bunch structures, route maps and if you are organizing a charitable event, fundraising profiles.

Cycling events are our passion and we love what we do.  We find our work so gratifying that we are devout at keeping our costings low. 


Contact us for a chat, more information on what we can do for you and a personalized competitive quote.   

My name is Tim Briggs and I am a ride or die cyclist, who has ridden bikes for over 25 years. True to form, I live the cyclist’s dream structuring my family holidays around cycling events, owning more lycra than normal clothing and constantly negotiating the marital minefield of acquiring yet another set of wheels. 


I have personally participated in more cycling events than I could possibly number.  I’ve ridden competitively and leisurely in road races like Tour of Bright and Melbourne to Yarrawonga, six hour and Endurance Events on the MTB and even a few half ironman triathlons.

I first started event planning back in 2013 when some like- minded friends wanted to create a cycling weekend in and around Victoria's High Country.

The focus of the event was simply to have a good time with mates and delight in some of the best scenic cycling in Australia. The first few years of planning this event singlehandedly, were somewhat challenging. After researching and overcoming every bump along the road, the challenge became our dedication. What started out with twenty-seven friends has, to date, evolved to over one hundred participants fundraising annually and having a blast

Our initial planned event gets bigger every year because Bright Velo Events have a method that works.  Just read some of our testimonials and Projects page to learn more about the HCCR and other events.

Tim Briggs